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How to stop robocalls

A menace is now creeping millions of Americans daily. The number of robocalls ringing on phones has become a recurring problem. They're prerecorded messages designed to get a vote or sell something. Or even worse! A one ring call that tricks users in calling back and accumulating huge charges.

Robocalls differ in nature. It could be a presidential candidate or a call from a scammer from far away from trying to get a social security number or internet banking credentials.

Even though they are annoying, not all are illegal. If a political candidate would have a prerecorded message played to someone in a call, it's legal. Charities asking for donations are also allowed to use this method. What is illegal is what you already might think it is - robo callers that try to trick you in sharing personal information by faking their identity.

The FTC has published a guideline to help protect residents from this type of spam.

  • Never return calls from numbers you don’t already have on your contact list
  • Do not answer calls that seem out of your area
  • If you picked a call that appears to have prerecorded message immediately hang up and got the FTC website and report it. 
  • If you answer a call and you hear a message like “I can’t hear you well” or “Can you hear me?” be sure that it is mostly made-up. Close the call and report it to the FTC.

The FTC's recommendations take into account over 10 million complaints they received in 2019. They are meant to stop robo callers from knowing that your number is real.

Also, you should always research for any missed call. It's free and updated every hour with incidents from FTC and FCC.

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